Summer LIFE


Today marks the start of five days of intense exploration into God’s kingdom; over the next five days I shall be surrounded by insanely wise and faithful individuals, who will inspire me and teach me so much about my faith. I will be immersed in the Holy Spirit over the remainder of this week, and I will come away a totally changed young man, as opposed to the boy that I still consider myself to be in terms of my faith. I will be pushed outside my comfort zone in many different ways and I will come out the other side much, much wiser and knowledgable. I will grow stronger relationships with my friends and will create so many amazing memories that will ‘get me going’ for God again when I am old and grey; memories that I will never forget. In the remainder of this week, moments to inspire nations will be created thanks to incredible leaders, both from within my Church’s community, as well from other nations, as incredible guest leaders and speakers come from abroad. My passion for God will be re-ignited and I will feel closer to God than I ever thought was possible. Yes, even whilst playing man hunt in the woods at 3am.

I declare this all in Jesus’ almighty name.


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